Founder & Team

Our founder Mr. Samit Jhaveri has been in the financial industry for over 2 decades and the real estate over a decade. He started with the humble vision of helping customers make wise investment decisions. He has a knack of doing business with a clear vision of providing quality financial management advice & service. His objective is to be one of the Premier Financial Services Organisations, providing a complete range of financial management and solutions. He wants to offer ‘need based’ Investment Advice, as every investor’s need is different.

Our team has a background in strategy, operations and consulting. The most important common denominator across the team is our passion to manage every client with utmost professionalism and maximum comfort. Our well qualified team is well competent of solving all the queries. We maintain and ensure that our entire client details are kept up to date to assist clients promptly. Our team puts together every effort to always act honestly, with integrity, and in the best interest of our clients. Our team of expert Investment Advisors have designed personalized financial solutions for High Networth Investors (HNI), Indian citizens living overseas (NRIs), Corporations, Professionals, and Retail investors.

We work diligently and to the best of their abilities such that each of our clients would be proud of our financial services and recommend us to their friends and family.

Our services

Empowering you with our financial management services
Learn how to manage your funds efficiently with us

Designing the best Investment portfolio for you
With our financial expertise we would create a robust portfolio tailored to suit your investment goals

Our market research gets you close to your financial goals
We find top-performing assets and schemes for you to invest based on your objective

We’re your ultimate real estate trading associates
Our association with over 12 prominent developers in Mumbai, and our robust broker network, enable Buying and Selling real estate properties for our customers very smooth and convenient.

The best service around for diversifying your investments
Investing in a range of securities to lessen the unsystematic risk of individual instruments

We’re serious about growing your wealth
Helping you grow a sizeable nest eggs and savings for your golden years

Our Website and mobile application make viewing your portfolio and other details very easy and convenient 24 * 7.

Mr. Samit Jhaveri