International Funds

Invest Overseas with International Funds

International funds are a financial fund that invests in companies that are located anywhere outside of the country of residence of its investor or investors. International funds may also be called as foreign funds. It offers geographical diversification. Though international funds (equities and/or debt funds) invest in global markets, they can be for passive or aggressive based on the type of global investment. Before investing, investors should be specific and clear about their investment goals, be it long-term or short-term.

Broaden your investment horizons with these international investments.

  • The international market provides diversification
  • There are minimal loss and higher returns by capitalising on more than one economy at the same time thus making it a good investment option
  • Besides, investing in international markets or in other words, exposure to international markets not only broadens your experience and but also increases your expertise.
  • Investors looking at hedging currency can also invest in international funds.
  • There is also dual market risk – Fluctuation in the other country’s sectoral market and current market may get reflected in the performance of the fund.

Are International funds ideal for you?

These instruments are ideal for you if

  • you are looking for geographic diversification and better returns
  • you are a high net worth individual, a business owner, partners at a firm, or corporates aiming to expand your business model further

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