Secondary Market Equity Investments

Use Our Financial Expertise for Making Equity Market Investments

Equity Market or as the people called it The Stock Market or “Share Bazaar” is a market where you invest your money in a share of a company. A share gives you a part ownership of the company. Lot of people prefer this market due to its liquidity, greater returns than most investment avenues but it is also one of the riskiest investment avenues.

  • An equity market is one in which shares are traded and issued, either through over-the-counter markets or exchanges. Like BSE, NSE & OTC
  • It is also known as the stock market. These give a chance to investors to own a small percentage of a company’s share, so that the investor can gain on the future performance of the company.
  • The equity market is the meeting point of buyers and issuers in a market economy. It is essential for the capital generation and allocation in the economy
  • The stocks are issued in private as well as in public markets.
  • Great wealth generation – The biggest benefit of the equity market is the opportunity to get high-profit returns. Most investors invest in equity markets to generate big returns
  • Enter and exit easily – For equity markets, you can enter whenever you want and exit at your choice. This is similar to buying physical gold or silver, which can be bought or sold at your wish as compared to a property that cannot be sold easily
  • Lower taxes – After holding on to equity for about one year, if you sell it for profit, then lower taxes will be charged as compared to the tax rate in case of fixed deposits

Why invest in the equity market?

  • Returns from equity market have fared well, even during the inflation
  • The return on equity is much more than fixed income products
  • Benefits can come in the form of either dividends or capital gains
  • Equity investments come with market associated risks
  • Personalised Advice will help you navigate the short-term volatility of the financial market and with expert help you make intelligent selections out of all the enticing options
  • Individual or corporate investors looking for long term gains should go for such opportunities
  • Investing in equity markets is more beneficial for investors who are risk taking.

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