Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Apply for an IPO and benefit from the Company’s growth

An IPO or Initial Public Offering is a process of providing the shares of a company to the general public on the issuance of its stock. The public share generated due to its issuance allows the company to generate capital from its investors The transition period of a private company to a public sector brings in a perfect investment opportunity for investors to realize their profits from such investments. Also, it allows public investors to participate in the IPO and enter at an early stage and gain long term growth benefits.

Benefits of IPO

  • IPOs can be the ideal investment choice for you to project and take advantage of the market performance of companies through this instrument.
  • With IPOs you can invest in a company with a good growth potential, pretty early on and capitalize on this opportunity.
  • Carefully selected IPOs could be inexpensive at first while letting you reap much larger benefits later on.
  • The price transparency is maintained as the actually price is known to everyone.
  • Integrate this product in your portfolio to make it more balanced
  • Since it is an Equity market instrument there is no lock-in period thereby liquidating your money whenever required by the investor.

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