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Real Estate PMS funds are close ended funds. They collect substantially large amount of fund size during the application period (Commitment Amount). The collected amount is then invested with different developers across different cities and various price value projects in tranches. Real Estate PMS funds is generally for HNI investors. Real Estate PMS is a good way of investing in Real Estate for the multiple advantages is has over holding direct property. There is cash flow payout at regular intervals and the principal is returned over a period of time before the final closure date. Internationally they are very popular and now they are getting very good response from Indian Investors.

  • It provides diversification, with different developers, cities and price range investments by the Fund.
  • It reduces cost, as compared to buying property, saving on Stamp Duty and GST
  • It provides a steady source of income by way of regular cash flow.
  • Real Estate PMS are managed by experienced professional with good experience and track record.
  • There is higher due diligence by the PMS team.
  • It is actively managed and controlled.
  • Inspite of the real estate property prices remaining contact, they fund is still able to generate good returns. This is mainly, as the fund participates at the project level and invests only when it see good returns.
  • There is adequate security they try to inbuilt when lending money at Project Level.
  • They offer better liquidity then holding direct real estate.

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